Notice for the Live Broadcast of “Beijing Highlights” Enriching Campus Culture

2022-02-19 18:14:08 Source: 2022 Beijing Media Center

Campus culture is the core element of the sustainable development of schools and epitomizes a school’s image. In recent years, Beijing has incorporated cultural activities of various kinds into campus life. Students in primary and secondary schools now have easier access to a wider range of city culture on campus, especially after the “double reduction” policy was enforced, thanks to which the overall competence of the children is improved in real sense. On February 20, the live broadcast of Beijing Highlights: Enriching Campus Culture will be held at 14:00 in 2022 Beijing Media Center. Hong Jing, the vice principal for Moral Education of Beijing Huiwen Middle School and Ren Quanxia, the principal of Heishan Primary School in Mentougou District will be invited to share with you stories on campus. Chun Ni from the Beijing Radio & Television Station will host the live broadcast. The live broadcast can also be viewed online by logging onto,,,,,, and You are welcome to watch!

[Editor: 刘品彤 ]
Notice for the Live Broadcast of “Beijing Highlights” Enriching Campus Culture-2022 BEIJING MEDIA CENTER